April 20, 2009
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You look at her
and see right through
right past those eyes
you thought you knew

And when she speaks
in monotone
like dragging her feet
or one steady moan

You try to help
but the problems not clear
this person, your friend
is suddenly not here

The discarded shell that a snake leaves behind
or an after thought when loosing your mind
She stands, forgotten, in this tragic doomed life
and all she could think of is poising her knife

You wish it were different,
but I bet she does too,
that you might find a hero,
to just pull her through

And is it your fault?
and could you of helped?
like an open wound on your heart,
and with each though you have yelped

Her color is fading,
her limbs become weak,
her goodbyes now forgotten,
slipped away in a leak

Now she lays cold,
and your heart laid there too
with that afterglow light,
of the girl you once knew.

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