April 20, 2009
By genevaS. GOLD, Oak Park, Illinois
genevaS. GOLD, Oak Park, Illinois
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i am walking on stone
i am alone.. or so i thought
my mind hasn't been the same
you bewitch me
this is all a game
my thoughts are not my own
i'm crazy you say
we share the same democracy
our democracy is one
our, our democracy one
don't make me fall for the same crap again
our there is no our, we there is no we or me
only and just you
you sit there happy as a pea
drinking your greedy velvet red wine
and at the same time
enjoying the time of your life
brainwashing me into nothingness
my friends say that i'm different that don't matter
my family say i'm cold
so what!
grow a backbone if i'm so cold
my mother and god-daughter say they don't recognized me
that hits home for sure
then i notice
i am under black magic your black magic
something about you is enticing,tantalizing me, luring me on, intoxicating me to point were i can't breathe
i say "continue" your hypnotic spell
it is a delicious suicidal poison to me
i need it no i want it , i strive for it
willing to break any bonds for it
my family, my friends who needs them
my pride, my dignity,my mind who wants them
control me
and in the end destroy me
everything about me
make me your little doll to play with
cause in when it's over you killled every nerve inside of me
the nerve to feel pain to feel love and most of all the nerve to think
just pathetic feelings you stuff within me
then every time i bleed it wouldn't hurt as much when you control the lifeless shell of my body

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