It Feels like Yesterday...

March 29, 2009
By KeViAh BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
KeViAh BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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It was like it happened yesterday.
Two people completely different
Joined together by a text message
If I knew I wouldn’t of, but If I Have I shouldn’t of.
Thinking of the countless possibilities… It is now
Just a day that happened in January.
Two totally different reasons why
Why we touch lips so tenderly. In my room
On my bed, with very different thoughts in our heads.
He thought I would give in to it… I thought I was going to too.
But now that I think of it I must have been drunk to think of what we would do.
I think I kinda like him, but then he is too conceded.
I will always remember that day… and how we pet peeved it
But I will also Remember the strawberry tastin’ kiss… and the feeling and rubbing
On places to wrapped up to dismiss. And the boy who mysteriously liked me from a
Myspace mistake, and the boy who fits so many words in so many ways…
But I will gladly admit this I was a minute ago… but I can still feel it

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