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March 29, 2009
By scorpiosmeredith GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
scorpiosmeredith GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I am evolution
I wonder if I’ll remember this world once I’ve left it
I hear the stately waves dispersing against the shore
I see images that corrupt the theory of time
I want our voices to be heard as our own
I am here

I don’t pretend to be something I’m not
I feel the Earth’s heartbeat drumming parallel with mine
I touch the sun, the warmth engulfs me
I worry the clouds will keep him hidden, leaving me to provide light
I am the moon

I understand the imperfections of the human mind
I say to nature “You are the predominate, we are in the umbrage of a megalomania.”
I dream of signs, symbols, premonitions, presentiments, and wishes
I try to keep everyone’s life continuous, always to realize that you can’t let evil suppress you.
I hope for memories through the ages
I am unpredictable

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