March 29, 2009
By Jacky PLATINUM, Redmond, Oregon
Jacky PLATINUM, Redmond, Oregon
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I thought I could trust you
But you BETRAYED me
Because you care?
If you did you would understand
But you don’t know
Don’t care

Who to turn to?
I should have learned
But this is what I’ve chosen
Why stop now
It will only bring me down


Farther down

My thoughts in knots and pieces
I try to be there for my friends
But how can I
Fight battles of different kinds
AFRAID to look you in the eye
What do I do now?

And even more ALONE
What were you expecting?
Not me
I don’t dare seek perfection any longer
And the worst is
You turned them all against me
A stranger in my own family
SAD and curled up
In a dark corner of my mind

ANGER spoils out
Seeing as I can turn on them too
Secrets can destroy
But will I detonate?
How to get out?
This night is so long
Where is the dawn?
Swimming in the shadows
Lost and running out of air
Where is the surface?

I never try to REGRET
But this is forcing it
Maybe because im ASHAMED
But not of what I’ve done
But of what you know
Silence lapses
Betrayed by my hero
I hit the ground




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