The Man and Woman I Once Loved

March 29, 2009
By Sarah Lee BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
Sarah Lee BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
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You shook shamed blood to your pasty cheeks,
Your darkest secret was uttered,
My heart swelled to burst,
It only made me love you more,
Epicene but Vitruvian in my eyes,
You were still flawless in your flaws,
You were still mine,
I kissed you zealously,
And tasted the shallows beneath your collar,
As you sheepishly selected that purple shirt,
Embroidered with fragile flowers,
And powder blue bra,
With the tiny bow and lace below,
You clandestinely longed for,
Dark and dirty within my closet,
The abashed smile that was freed upon your face,
And your eyes deep with hidden sorrows,
Whilst the taboo cloth enclosed your fragile frame,
I will never forget,
It unrelentingly pervades my dreams,
And your beautifully haunted, wretched, soul,
Still whispers reminders of your deliverance,
Into my sleeping ears,
And I weep for the sublime, empty shell,
That was once the man and woman I loved.

The author's comments:
This poem came straight from the heart. After I finished writing this I could not stop crying for an hour. I have given almost all the love I could muster to this person and even now, when I have now come to the conclusion that I will never again be special to them, I would give anything just to hold them in my arms again and take in their scent. I feel so incredibly empty and drained. They will always be the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on.

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