they never mean it.

March 29, 2009
By ashenstarzxx BRONZE, Or My City, New Jersey
ashenstarzxx BRONZE, Or My City, New Jersey
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We attack on all we hold dear.

we'll lay like the stars under the sun
sprawled over each other in a slient embrace
we're still and gleaming all over eachother
smiles to captivate the sky.

everything fades into everything
we're over the limit, falling into it all.
light is slower when everything is everything
and when nothings going to change the same.

our faces were hot and words were spewing
emotions falling from our pores
smiles traded with relief and the hope of this all
nothing could ever counter what was said.

it all comes to end if you believe it or not
we promised what couldnt be kept
and here we are with battered hands and hearts
forever and ever in something we hate.

wake up and plaster your face with lies
we never really looked like that anyways
theres no more stars or lights or smiles
but i still want you to love me in the morning.

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