Mere Illusion

March 29, 2009
A white candel
flickers in the dark
the wind blows harder
as a haunting sound escapes
A darkened room
there stands a piano
tears lay on
the broken white keys
no music to be found
A childs cry
comes from somewhere
in the darkness
he's alone and scared
and he's waiting
for you to save him
You run to a door
and open it
and turn to the broken mirror
all it shows is
your blackened heart
you realize you're just a shadow
You cry out
but can't find a soul
you scream out
but everythings gone cold
you're falling into nothing
eyes open
your screams can't
be silenced
now the rain pelts the ground
blood on your hands
you run harder
from his screams
Your soul is gone
ripped from your body
but you couldn't
feel a thing
eyes gone blind
heart beating faster
theres no way out
no where to hide
but you can find
solace in the shadows
close your eyes
it was all a illusion

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