Find Your Own Way

March 29, 2009
By cuti26 PLATINUM, Burton, Michigan
cuti26 PLATINUM, Burton, Michigan
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Brace yourself
It’s another day of wondering
Don’t worry
You wont be lost much longer
Take a breath
You’ll find yourself soon
Warm the chill
He’ll be there for you
Spill your tears
Wash away the blindness
Cheer up
You can save yourself
Clean up
And show your scars to the world
Be proud
Look at how far you’ve come
Don’t listen
You should be the one doing the talking
Love yourself
Sometimes you’re all you got
Be happy
You won’t be alone for forever
Wait it out
The pain isn’t everything
Walk away
When its your time
Step up
Don’t let them talk down to you
Believe dreams
They could happen
Look to the stars
For your own direction
Hold on
Don’t let go of those who matter
Keep trying
And you’ll get there
Speak out loud
Make yourself known
Take steps
To get to where you want to be
Battled scarred
Doesn’t mean you can be happy
Love life
And life might find you love

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