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March 29, 2009
By DreamingPoet89 DIAMOND, Hillsboro, Ohio
DreamingPoet89 DIAMOND, Hillsboro, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
Life without love , is no life at all

You've fought , just to stay alive
afraid they'll hurt you
if you don't do
what they tell you to
it's all you have
to stay alive
darkness comes now
please baby don't hurt anyone
you don't have to choose
You hid the knife
so no one knows
the pain you caused
a stupid choice
their screams haunt you
as you shamefully hang your head
pull the trigger
and let go
You've wasted away your life
no more turning back
a life sentence
not a chance in hell
the devil just bought
your soul for free
He laughs as he watches
you fall to ruin
God shakes his head
no one can save you now
Damn you for choosing
to take another life
you could have chosen
a better end~

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