March 29, 2009
By LikeBam! SILVER, Myrtle, Missouri
LikeBam! SILVER, Myrtle, Missouri
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The sun rises,
Another day passed by.
You have to go to school,
This makes you want to cry.

But you don't,
Your stronger than that.
You'll get through the day,
You get dressed and your on your way.

Past the trees,
Past the rundown house.
Past the flowers blooming,
Past the scurrying mouse.

Your there now,
You open the door.
You've been dreading this,
This has happened before.

Past the jocks teases,
Past everyone who stares.
Past the pokes and the prods,
It's not like anyone cares.

Maybe your not strong,
Maybe you will cry.
More people laugh,
You just want to die.

Heaven would be a great place,
Noone thinking your a fool.
Nothing mattering at all,
But for now your just,uncool.

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