Dangerous Love

April 19, 2009
By Pengg2388 BRONZE, Chesterfield, Missouri
Pengg2388 BRONZE, Chesterfield, Missouri
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What is love?

Trapped behind that locked door, the key is in a safe
a safe that mother dearly said could be reached with time

It makes minutes seem to stop, but where did the hours go?

It appears to have eloped with the plumose love

And yet…
What is love?

heavy as steel
its light weight holds you down
Dragging the ball-and-chain



no escape,

a sweet restraint

an inhibition of action

Nothing being done, and yet so many things are finished

How selfish.

It demands a gentle grasp, allowing for free flight but holding you tight

What is love?

it promotes unrestrained action,

An impulse
When exactly did you let go of mother’s hand? Who are you?

But what exactly is it?

As mysterious as the striking mythical creature sitting lone
It breaks the Great wall of China that froze from harsh winter

Who said super human strength was unattainable?

Love, you say?

Love is a shape shifter

Call it mother
Call it father

How about your sister, your brother

your friends

your spouse

your Dreams


Love? You have just encountered a trap; a mere Catch-22, but I think you can break the impossible.

The author's comments:
I wrote "Dangerous Love" based on my personal take on the ups and downs that love brings us. It is an ironic piece because it tells us that love cannot be defined in words, for there are many different views on it. However, that seems to be defining it in a way as well. At the time, love was a questionable element for me. I hope readers will get a sense of love's ambiguity.

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