April 19, 2009
By Jasmine Murray BRONZE, Decatur, Georgia
Jasmine Murray BRONZE, Decatur, Georgia
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I want to let go but I can’t
I want to forget but I just don’t know how
I want to give up but it’s hard
I want to be strong but its way too late now

The footsteps I’m walking are leading.
The footsteps, they pull me away…

I need to rewind just to see,
The person I was before me became we
I need to erase and move on
I have to at least pretend to be strong

Because the footsteps I’m walking are fading
The footsteps are losing their way…

Giving up is what I least want to do now
Letting this go is not what I chose
It’s hard to throw someone away
When they said forever and you thought so too

But the footsteps I’m walking are leaving
The footsteps are walking away…

The part of me that doesn’t want you
Is the same part that’s looking away
The other part’s still out there looking
Not knowing, that here, in my heart you shall stay

But those footsteps I’m walking are losing
Those footsteps I fear, have now lost their way…

Running away doesn’t hide you
Not breathing wont make you go away
I’m following blindly, a path I’m not sure
Like I did when you got me this way

But the footsteps I’m walking have gone now
I need to know now what to do or to say
I need to keep walking far from you
But not even my footsteps can guide me away…

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