Dino Pet

April 19, 2009
By Andrea Sobczyk BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Andrea Sobczyk BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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I had a friendly dinosaur his name was Herbert Walker
He ate all of my homework and I kept him in my locker
My dinosaur was fuchsia, cause that’s my favorite color
He had a spiky tail and even wore a collar
One day my little dinosaur wanted to explore
So he crawled out of my locker and opened up a door
The door revealed a classroom with lots of eager kids
And a teacher named Miss Bertha whom pets she did forbid
Herbert walked up to her desk and sat upon her chair
Causing her to shriek when she tried sitting there
So my dinosaur arose and began to sing a song
Of garden hoses and margarine and so we all sang along
Miss Bertha was so scared she wet her pants a little
But she swallowed up her pride and fed us peanut brittle
While she still hates cats and rabbits an exception she did make
For my dinosaur was so amusing that she bought our class a snake

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