Broken Pieces

April 19, 2009
By makhailla morris SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
makhailla morris SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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I cant see anything
Its all out of sight
I wish i would just give up and just lose this fight

But i cant and i wont
I promised my self
I feel like a doll that sits on shelf

My emotions are the actual toy
Just like a doll i have painted on joy

I put up a wall so know no one can see
You can see behind if you cared about me

But no one does and im used to that
I have to move on but thats a fact

My feet are nailed and i cant move my feet
My lips are sealed i wont make a peep

Everytime i say something i fade away from me
I want this curse to be over and i want to be free

I have to realize that no one wants a rag doll
Beat down and broken

No one wants to help glue the pieces back together
No one wants to keep someone who isnt worth it

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