April 19, 2009
By Andrea Brandao BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
Andrea Brandao BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
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What is there to fear
But fear itself?
We spend too much time
Trying to accommodate one another.

Trying to avoid the good-byes,
Reminiscing on moments spent
Together in everlasting

We are often fearful of
What could have happened
Or what will happen;
Think not of either.

Everything happens
In the midst of reality
Whether we accept it
Or we falsely deny it.

Reach for one another’s
Heart and soul;
Avoid the deceiving mind
That often betrays its owner;
That often betrays reality.

Listen not to what others
Tell you;
Rather, what you both
Feel when intertwined.

The remedy for love
Is to avoid fear.
And the remedy for fear
Is to indulge in love.

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