April 19, 2009
By Alayne Lynch SILVER, McLean, Virginia
Alayne Lynch SILVER, McLean, Virginia
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We all start to run, to shout and to scream,
As leaves are dropped like confetti from trees,
Their vivacious and vibrant red and gold hues,
Carpet the sidewalks and crunch under shoes,
A gust of crisp autumn wind harshly blows,
It whips on our face, it nips at our nose,
And like when we frolic in puddles of rain,
We jump in large piles of leaves just the same,
We fall in their dark depths, we jump in with might,
Because in our minds, they hold monsters to fight!
The brittle and bright leaves seem to say,
That they want us to rake them and crunch them all day!
But now the sky darkens, and we step inside,
We fold all our napkins and gorge on pumpkin pie,
And though now fall rains paste the leaves to the ground,
We still hope tomorrows leaves will come down!

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