The Fear

April 19, 2009

So many things…

Nuclear War Zones
Old Greg
Danielle on Sugar
George Bush

Though it’s not the little things
That I’m truly scared of……..
I am terrified of not existing.
I am scared to death of ending up living
The ordinary “American Dream”
What kind of dream is it if everyone has it?
I want to live on the edge, to scream out
Loud and just fall into an endless hole of
Passion, and turmoil.
Never live a moment in monotony
Life is short. So what are we doing sitting on
Our butts just waiting for what exactly?
A miracle? Not likely
I’m sick and tired of doing everything
Everyone expects of everyone
Somebody has to do something crazy.
I don’t even know what or when or how.
Just something to break us free.
To give us a snippet of hope that we won’t
End up like the others.
But what is it that I’m really looking for?
Does anyone know? Do I even know?
I honestly don’t care if it’s
Me flying a rocket to Pluto or shooting the game winning
Shot in the WNBA championships!
I don’t care.
I just want to get out.

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