When my faith is gone

April 18, 2009
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As I look upon the sky, wishing these were my last breaths,
I’m looking at our father saying God why don’t you help?
You know that times are getting hard, and I can’t keep wearing these scars forever.
I know that there are people in more distress then I,
but God I’m trying to put myself 1st this time.
I know I got to keep faith and hope alive,
but how can I do this when the world around me is,
turning its back on me. When the people I trust, and the people I love runs away from me.
Leaving me to my pain, tears, and moans.
What do I do when my faith is gone?
The taste of joy
now is replaced by salty tears.
Loving you God
and using my tears to wash away my fears
I cant keep bleeding
I’m running out of love
and reasons to keep living
I see miracles everyday
can you pass a little more my way
I know I’m suppose to sit and pray
but then what God?
Stumble till you hear me?
I know you’re always near me
I know if I knock on the door you’ll answer
but not immediately after I knock.
So what do I do till then God
die till you feel me
feel my hope tug away, I know I’m suppose to sit and pray
but then what God, stumble till you see me.
Trap in a universe dark and alone
what do I do when my faith is gone.

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