Going Numb

April 18, 2009
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My darling
Can I still call you that?
My love
Will you still answer to that?

We were drifting
Floating on a river
On a thin iceberg
The frozen air making us shiver

The ice begins to break
Splitting us apart
I watch in desperation
A hole forming in my heart

With a resounding crack
We become two
Crying out
I reach for you

My fingers cling to you
Your hands clinging to me
The river rushes beneath us
Trying to break us free

We hold on for hours
Refusing to let go
But as time goes by
I see your exhaustion beginning to grow

Your hands start to slacken
Your eyes drift closed
Pulling back
Your mind and heart dozed

The water comes fast now
Sensing victory
But I only grip tighter
Thinking of you and me

Months crawl by
My arms begin to grow cold
You're still sleeping
Whilst I'm getting old

I scream your name
You wake with a start
When you reach for me
I feel you tug on my heart

My arms hurt
I'm getting sore
But I won't let go
Though I'm chilled to my core

Only a few weeks later
And your gone once more
I understand you're tired
But this becoming such a chore

You wake up every now and then
Smiling and saying what I need to hear
But your naps are growing longer
With every passing year

You're asleep now
I can't wake you
My eyes are drooping
I begin to sleep too

As my mind goes numb
My hands slip
My heart screams at me
"Get a grip!"

I'm blinking fast
Promising to not give in
But I'm fading quickly
The ice is growing thin

I want to rest too
Why can't you see
That I'm loosing my grasp
On what we used to be

You're slipping away
My fingers are cold
My mind is leaving rapidly
I don't know how much longer I can hold

Only my nails
Broken and bleeding
Are holding you near
My arms tired and weeping

It starts in my fingertips
Moves up my arm
It's close to my heart
Where the numb can do the most harm

The river is stronger
A blood-thirsty fiend
It calls my name sweetly
Promising that my love can be redemed

Tears are falling fast
I'm hurting more than you know
But I'm refusing to fail
Refusing to let you go

My darling, my love
Please don't throw a fit
But would you mind terribly
If I slept for a bit?

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