I need you

April 18, 2009

The three of us
with lockers in a row
to the same place
we must go

Why cause me this torture
why cause me this pain
why did you do this
what was there to gain

I hate her for this
I hated her back then
I wanted it to stop
but it started again

I can't live through this
I have nothing to live for
I need you in my life
I know this for sure

Seeing you together
destroys my soul
there's nothing I can do
to fill this hole

I want you to be here
when I am full of sorrow
to hold me
so I know there's a tomorrow

The unfortunate part
is I can only cry
It's a great journey
just trying to get by

So don't you see now
that I really need you
I don't know how
but it is true

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