Voiceless Doll...

April 18, 2009
By Music_Is_My_Life BRONZE, Fort Benning, Georgia
Music_Is_My_Life BRONZE, Fort Benning, Georgia
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The dress you forced upon me isn’t me,
White silky style
Ruffles throughout.
The flower lace you decorated it with holds all your wishes.
The stitched lines are your hopes and dreams…
And how you want me to be.
The neckpiece is so tight I can hardly breathe.
You forced my face to be happy, when inside I’m miserable.
And the way you shaped my eyes to look adorable…
I’m just how you picture me
When my eyes sparkle you see happiness
But inside I want to cry
But I can’t
And you know why!
You shape my mouth into a smile
When all I want to do is pout or even frown
My hair around this face is curly
Don’t you understand this is not me!
I feel like you have forced me
to be something I’m not.
You know and so do I!

I may be bound in this impeccable dress
With this X you marked it with
But I know it’s not perfect for me.
The flower pearls represent only wishes I have.
The fringe you put on the border of this dress
My last strand of freedom.
While the train flows with my hopes and dreams
Nevertheless, these sleeves you made me wear
Cry out sadness
You stand me up straight
Making me reflect what you think!

Is that all I am to you…?

A doll?

Is that all I really am?

A voiceless doll…?

The author's comments:
This poem is about me (the doll) being forced to be someone I'm not and I can't speak for myself...

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