April 18, 2009
By xabstract7x SILVER, Centerville, Indiana
xabstract7x SILVER, Centerville, Indiana
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Life…nothing more than scenes played out on the screen
just a constant flow into a routine

We just go through it all like bumbling actors through a 2 star picture
the cameras circle like vultures…every movement they capture

Just watch the script shake in your hands
keep doing those flips as the Man commands

That spotlight keeps beating onto your crown
the sweat leaves it footprints as it runs down

Blindly stumbling through your lines not knowing what to discern
never knowing when the plot thickens or takes a turn

So take the limelight leading man
it’s time to improvise the plan

Show the world what you’ve you got and make a dream of this nightmare
Make them put you in their crosshair

So c’mon c’mon belt out the words and keep the audience alive
because lord knows that’s the only way you’re gonna survive

Life…It’s a role we all must play
so keep on acting until your last of days…

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