April 18, 2009
By xabstract7x SILVER, Centerville, Indiana
xabstract7x SILVER, Centerville, Indiana
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To you I send my apologies
while I’m asking for forgiveness upon my knees

it all started when you caught my eye
and to my flirts you replied
from the beginning i knew my heart was cold
but I also knew every word i said was gold

and soon you were eating out of my hand
but me falling for you wasn’t apart of the plan
it just kills me to see you by that door
with a heart so low your about to fall through this floor

i know how you’re feeling
and thats why I’m pleading while kneeling
for you too atleast look at me again
so I don’t have to face myself within

hell, we both know i f***ed up in the end
and i just bent you farther than you would bend
now you’re just broken on the ground
forever waiting to be found

even I know that you won’t fall for these rhymes for a second time
and you won’t come back to me on top of the drop of the dime
just consider that I know how it hurts
even know it was me who started it first...

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