Girl to Boy

April 18, 2009
By Amanda Syrop BRONZE, Palm City, Florida
Amanda Syrop BRONZE, Palm City, Florida
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This girl.
I want her to be my girl.

She won’t let me get near her,
Won’t let me touch her,
Won’t let me love her.

The way she deserves to be loved.

This boy,
Wants to be near me,
Wants to touch me,
Wants to love,

The way I don’t want to be loved.

This girl,
Is the love of my life.
She is the one I want to hold,
The one I want to laugh with,
The one I want to connect with.

I think she wants to too.

This boy,
Thinks we are soul mates,
He thinks I want to be held,
He thinks I want to laugh,
He wants to connect.

I don’t.

This girl,
Keeps pulling away from me,
She keeps herself guarded with this boy,
I hate that he gets to touch her,
I hate her for letting him, but not me.

What am I supposed to do?

This boy,
Is finally seeing me not as an object, but as a girl with a boyfriend.
He hates seeing us together,
He hates that he gets to touch me but not him,
He hates that he is the one I want.

If this boy loves me so, then why is he causing me pain?

Why can’t this girl see that I am for her?

Why can’t this boy see that I am not for him?

Two people that love each other, but do not follow what their hearts tell them.
What a shame that these two cannot and will not try to be together.

The author's comments:
This was written to show how much harm and destruction two of my good friends have done to each other because they cannot control their hopeless actions.

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