i love him

April 17, 2009
By Amanda D&#39Amario BRONZE, Smithfield, Rhode Island
Amanda D&#39Amario BRONZE, Smithfield, Rhode Island
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He lies down
I lay next to him with one of his hands wrapped around my back
and the other close to my face
I feel the warmth of his fingers on my cheek
It feels as if they touch my skin before he does
I feel his breath slowly pushing his chest
up and down against mine in one motion
The air from his long silent exhale brushes across my neck
it gives me chills up and down my spine
I look at him as the moonlight shines through the glass window
and dances across his face
His hypnotizing eyes stare back at me
as I trace every feature with my mind
Our eyes connect
right before he breaks the thoughtless daze
with a smile and a kiss
With his lips pressed gently against mine
I think to myself
'I love him'

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