I Need You

April 17, 2009
By Henry SILVER, Springfield, Missouri
Henry SILVER, Springfield, Missouri
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Flowers need water to grow
This is a fact we all know
Oxygen is needed to sustain a human life
Without it we would slip into the deep abyss of night
An infant needs to feel the intimacy of a mothers loving touch
For this will be the foundation of his trust
You cannot have understanding without first having empathy
From understanding blossoms the deepest form of intimacy
In order to have a sunrise the sun must first set
In order to gamble you have to place a bet
In order to be trusted you must prove to be trustworthy
Just like the foundation of anything must be sturdy
In order to sing you must bust be able to carry a tune
In order to be a bride you must have a groom
Just like these things need one another
I need you like an infant needs its mother
My love for you will never end
You will be my lover and my friend
With you I will be for the rest of my life
Together as husband and wife
The thing that will forever be true
Is my undying love for you

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