Listening Friend

April 17, 2009
A car collision in my head,
A starving mind rarely fed.
The sound of thunder at my ear,
The sight of lightning bright and clear.
Vivid colors everywhere,
So eye catching, you have you have stare.
Feeling confused and in a daze
As if lost inside of a maze.
My thoughts a twist and in a vine,
Mis-interpreting many designs.
Left alone and in a mist,
Sweaty palms, hands in a fist.
Just having this desolate feeling,
Never to know the true meaning of healing.
Writing a poem or drawing a route,
Escaping to my head is the only way out.
But sometimes its too much to bare,
I want to breakdown, I’m left in despair.
But as long as I have a paper and a pen,
There I have my listening friend.

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