You're the Only Reason

April 17, 2009
By Priscilla PLATINUM, Hawthorne, New Jersey
Priscilla PLATINUM, Hawthorne, New Jersey
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People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built. -- Eleanor Roosevelt
People with courage and character always seem sinister to the rest. -- Herman Hesse

Do you know you’re tearing me apart?
Little by little, oh so slowly.
Do you know how badly I want to depart?
Quickly - so quickly; it’ll happen momentarily.

You keep pushing me farther towards the edge,
It’ll be any minute when I’ll jump off.
You’re always causing some sort of wedge!
It’ll be any minute before I jump off!

I can’t take it anymore.
Your decisions I abhor.
I’m running out this door.
My tears slamming into the floor.
It’s my heart oh, so torn.
In my world it always pours.
You’re the reason I can’t soar.

And one day you won’t see my face.
I’ll be wandering in a much different place.
I’ll be far gone, where you can’t find me.
And you’ll feel remorse; you’ll be oh, so sorry.

And I can’t ever forgive for what you didn’t do.,
I can’t ever forget the tears you made me pour.
It’s never gonna be the same, between me and you.
There is no way to heal; there is no cure.

And I just can’t take it anymore.
It’s your decisions I abhor!
Soon I’ll be running out this door!
My tears keep slamming into the floor.
Oh man, it’s my heart that’s being torn!
In my world it always pours!
You’re the only reason I can’t soar…

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