The Simple Life

April 17, 2009
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Wow, wow, wow what a beautiful day
I get up, get dressed and get ready to play.
My friends will be waiting
I cannot be late
They told me to be there no later than 8.
We will play hopscotch, or fish and catch cod
These are the good times before the good 'ol iPod
Lacy go long, the others shout as we toss the ball
We aren't caught up in shopping or clothes
You think this is crazy, I suppose
These are the simple times, when laughter echoes all around
Now there is silence, not a peep, not a sound
I reminisce on the old days back yonder
It's near my childhood spots that I wander
Like a cassette or video waiting to be rewound
In my mind I am going back to the simple life, that is where I am bound,
If we weren't so uptight with money and stuff
The times we now call "rough"
are where I'd rather be
If you would just wake up to a beautiful day, you too would see.

The end

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