Life in the Abyss

April 17, 2009
By sara holzen GOLD, Tomball, Texas
sara holzen GOLD, Tomball, Texas
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Emptyness fills me
I blank out mentally
Physically im sitting at my desk,
Mentaly im falling into an abyss
screaming for someone to help,
But noone hears my cries
they fade and I lye there
at the bottom of the abyss,
Never showing my glistening eyes
tears fall down my face,
creating a smudged up blur
I cant see,
I cant think,

why haven't I excaped this earth
life as we know it,
will come crashing down
Our putrid smugs called smiles, will fade...
Everyone will be pulled into the abyss
As their bones erode and disenagrate
into the soil we once loved
inside were all dying,
even if we dont show it
everything will crash and burn..

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