April 17, 2009
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A caramel coated sky

Holds the festive, bright Sun

As it starts to open it’s eyes

It smiles upon the children

Still snuggled in bed

It kisses everything it sees

Providing warmth, comfort and light

It swims through the clouds

As if to follow time

It hugs us with outstretched arms

Radiant, luminous beams

That sometimes burn

Heat presses against us as crisp wind blows

Beads of sweat roll down our face
Our skin starts to camouflage
Earthly brown like the landscape

It feeds us nutrients
And plays tricks on our mind
It grows our food
Then starts to slide

Gliding down

Colors start to melt
Painting a picture in the sky

The sun meets the ground
Gives us one last look
Before it finally fades
Into the ash stained sky

Now it grins

Electric white

As we all get some rest

The cool gaze of the moon
Reviving us

Sunny days are some of the best

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