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April 17, 2009
By Dylan Jackson SILVER, Cushing, Oklahoma
Dylan Jackson SILVER, Cushing, Oklahoma
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As I kneel before my bedside,
And say my nightly prayers,
I pray that he will be with me,
Even though he is already there.
Suddenly, I am startled,
By a blinding flash of light,
As I draw back my curtains
And glance into the night.
I see a figure in the sky,
Mounted on a grey and and freckled horse.
And on the blood-glazed ground I see...
Falling into dirt...
I draw my attention back to the sky.
To behold this great avenger.
As he raises his hand...
The moon drops red with blood.
I ask myself, "Who is this man?"
He slowly turns his head towards me,
And looks me in the eyes.
His eyes are red and black with hate.
Hatred of the world.
He reaches for his cloak.
And slowly draws back his hood.
Sending off a blinding shock,
Which brings me to my knees.
He holds a torch now,
Along with a small bowl of incense on the ground.
He sprinkles the incense on the ground,
As if seasoning the earth.
He grabs his reins, and says aloud,
"All hail the holy one, for he has returned."

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