What Can I Say But I Love You.

April 17, 2009
By a-scene GOLD, North Charleston, South Carolina
a-scene GOLD, North Charleston, South Carolina
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It’s hard to say,
How I feel today.
But if I could tell you something,
It would be that I miss you,
I thought I was over you.
I didn’t notice you anymore.
But what it was,
Is I went numb.
Not feeling the emptiness,
You left behind.
Realizing everything around me,
Now I know,
That I was empty.
But not anymore.
I can feel the pain.
There is no more numbness.
I miss you,
I miss your touch,
Your kiss,
Your smell,
Your voice,
Your smile,
Your talent,
Your creativity,
I just wish I knew.
How to get the point across
Of how much I miss you,
What you meant,
How bad I’ve felt,
Since I forced you away.
Do you feel like me?
Do you miss me too?
Sometimes I think I can see it
In your eyes that you do.
I want you to be honest,
I don’t want you to be nice
About rejection.
I want to know,
So I know how to feel
Every day.

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