April 17, 2009
By a-scene GOLD, North Charleston, South Carolina
a-scene GOLD, North Charleston, South Carolina
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If you could see,
See the looks you give,
Your heart would melt too.

If you could feel,
The way I feel
When you touch me.
When those cold fingers
Find their way up and down
My back,
When they brush my neck,
And rest on my shoulder.
Or when they keep moving
To the side of my face
And lift up my chin,
To meet my lips to yours.
Surely you would understand,
How I feel about you.

If you knew what if felt like
When everything feels right
Just because I’m next to you.
Hearing the rhythmatic
Beat of your heart.

Or the feeling,
Of resting your head
On something so strong,
And loving as your chest.
You would know that you,

Saved me from myself
By just being there,
Being the thing I could fall back on
And know I would be safe,

And that slowly,
Without you,
Everything is becoming dark again.
I’ve lost the light you brought into my life
And all hope to get it back.
Alone, once

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