My Fear

April 17, 2009
By a-scene GOLD, North Charleston, South Carolina
a-scene GOLD, North Charleston, South Carolina
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I fear not feeling love
I fear you are lost to me
Just as time is in a day
I fear I am nothing to you
And never was
I fear you just tried to use me
As you wanted

When you left,
My heart became a black abyss
I fear there is no way to get it back
I fear you’ve lost it for good
With no interest in finding it
And there it will remain
I fear it is nothing to you
But a trophy on a shelf
If that

I fear my struggle in letting you go
Was pointless
I fear my memories
Are only a dream I created,
Left to haunt me.
I fear you were my heroin
That got me by in the day
I fear that you’re gone
And I have nothing left to get my by
Day after day
I fear I am nothing but empty space
I fear you are gone
And I can’t feel love again
But I knew you
And what I fear the most is everything we had was real.

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