No more sheild needed

April 17, 2009
By Relles Aburto BRONZE, Covert, Michigan
Relles Aburto BRONZE, Covert, Michigan
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As babies, we were under the eyes of the lure of the intellectual parents
They view our minds as their way of sending a message to this world and beyond
As toddlers, our adventures began, our minds began to expand every step we take our worlds begins
The most amazing thing for us is watching the rain of this world
As pre teens, we look for our idols who dare to be what we see; the damnation of them is the complete domination of our minds
As teenagers, our dreams are at the door imagination, our minds have turned maniatic into savagery, our souls are rowdy for the true fight
As adults, our dreams have been shattered into complete obliteration by the malice of this world, suppose to be the kings of the future, the leaders of the free world we are controlled by the murderers of the human spirit, the so called protectors of this time
They tell us we are adults, but in truth we are every form that we have grown out of
We are still babies of our parents carrying on their name their spirit and their life, with our intellectual minds at a exponential growth we have surpassed their dreams for us
We are still toddlers in the unknown world, still adventuring for our own intellectual growth, still taking baby steps we are afraid of the unknown
We are still teenagers rowdy and crazy looking for the true fight, to truly begin to dream for the true fight begins when we reach our dream
As adults we have grown taking every form we grown out of to make are own malice to unleash on this world
For as out truest selves are here the shield that once guarded us, is now torn by the real being that has been drawn
Now that we are grown we finally understand the shield, that it is used not to shield us from you but it shields you form us for we truly can stand to set fears
Our spirits tired of moaning, as the shield breaks our yells are heard, the tears of the devil drop and shock all

The author's comments:
just came to me one day while i was at work

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