April 17, 2009
By a-scene GOLD, North Charleston, South Carolina
a-scene GOLD, North Charleston, South Carolina
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Dreams of
You and me.
Times when your arms
Were around me,
When your lips
Were on mine,
And my head on your chest.

All fade

More by the day,
By the minute,
By the second,
Those once bright, vibrant memories
Are now dank and cloudy,
Yet they remain
Never gone.

Without you
Days run together
Time is meaningless
Just a reminder
Of the almost forgotten memory.

I made a mistake
One I knew not to make.
Then without hesitation
I was gone
Free from your life,
But I think not
From your mind
You are too much like me
This I know
So like me
You must sit there
And think of me
Lose sleep knowing
I was in that bed.
Lose focus knowing
I’m on the other side of that room.
You must think of me too,
You must.

As I sit and think
These memories awake
And are more vivid.
I can see you more clearly
Remember your words,
Your actions,
Your face.
I can feel
Your touch,
Your breathing,
Your kiss.
Then I wake up
And realize it was a dream
And know I will never
Feel those things again.

The author's comments:
Relationships are hard sometimes.

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