Every Time I Close My Eyes

April 17, 2009
By tony pogue BRONZE, Franklin, Kentucky
tony pogue BRONZE, Franklin, Kentucky
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A young boy,
Innocent of earthly
Lays down as,
The grass slowly
Bends beneath him,
A luminous gleam
Of light,
Runs against the
Lunar sky.
He slowly breathes
Life back,
Into the air.
While he closes
His eyes,
He sees an angel.
He is scared
To open his eyes,
Because she may
Not be there.
He feels her
Touch against
His skin.
With every kiss,
The angels sing
Heavenly chords
As the moon
Smile upon
A lonely world.
He opens his eyes
As he quickly
Sees the emptiness
Of his life.
But he closes his
Eyes tightly,
While the wind
Swiftly rubs
Across his
Wrist and the
Crimson waterfall
Of his body gushes
Onto the
Nocturnal grass.
His last utter
Is overshadowed
By the loud,
Noises of the world.
And as his frigid
Body lies stiff,
He is in
Eternal bliss.
Because he
Still sees
His angel.

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