I am From

April 17, 2009
I am from sports
I am from a new soccer goal
(Shining silver, welcoming
With a strong net)
I am from 80 degrees
A swimming pool in the winter
Who’s splashing sounds I remember
As if they were next to my own beating heart

I am from shoes that are too small
From friends and families
I’m from true grit
And the movie named after it
From don’t give up and no tears
I’m from keep your friends close
With a warm heart
And now when I have to take care of others more than myself

I’m from Gary and Tena’s branch
Sweet tea and “kid’s” coffee
From the arm my sister broke
Playing on monkey bars
The fights my parents went through for us
Hanging on the wall by my bed
A guardian angel
To watch over me in time
A way to hold on
To those moments past
Stories of my life
A small speck in time

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