Cross Our Hearts

April 17, 2009
By Cammy Massey BRONZE, N Lawrence, Ohio
Cammy Massey BRONZE, N Lawrence, Ohio
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Let's cross our hearts and hope we die
Every word is another lie
Bring me back to when there were two
You and me and not just you
You're breaking my heart and it feels good
I should have ran while I could
Here I am and here I stay
Maybbe we should laugh another day
For now let's argue punch and fight
Because in the end nothing is alright
Here I lay broken and shattered
My pain is the only thing that matters
It feels good to feel your pain
How does it feel to have a bullet in your brain
All because of you I successfully failed
Take away the love because it is stail
Make it easier on yourself and get out
When you're with me you only doubt
Welcome to my love my life my hell
Let's ring the final bell
Who will win in the end
Soon you and the earth will blend
Cross our hearts that's what we said
You hoped to die and now you're dead

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