As You Hold My Heart

April 17, 2009
By , Butler, KY
I keep on gazing at your picture, aspiring that somehow,
In Some way,
I'll meet your celestial face again in an exquisite place,
in a divine café.
I pour out my soul to you in this cup I have that
My heart furnishes me.
It grasps that you’re the only one
Whose eyes truly see

That inside this shell I am not a nothing,
I am a self with a soul.
And now that I be inflicted with losing you forever,
You realize I want us to be whole.

But how is it capable of that when one person is dead,
and the other is Alive?
My soul's been captivating this all-eternal jump into the darkness
Hollowness of the Dive.
When the world is crashing down on me,
You were for eternity there.
And when my this anguish within me never ceased to close,
You always illustrated you did care.

I’ll never forget of your concern, for you
Were the only one.
You made this life worth living until I
Decided it was done.
And I can’t survive any longer
now that we’re Apart,
Without you, my love, these demons are shreding up
My heart.

As the waters of the abyss swathe around me, all I have enduring of you
is your gleaming face,
And a epitome will never be enough to bring you to me
but alleviates me in this place.
And I wish I could be with you in the world
That’s alive up above.
While all the festivities go on, I’d be
Showing you my love.
And what surrounds us in the dream I have,
Appear to have beauty.
But they hide their illness through the changing
Leaves doing their duty.
The leaves fall so slowly and distraughtly as the trees
commence to die,
And the appearance of the people make my
Soul yearn to cry.

The space that I’m trapped in is occupied of ghosts
that screech to me
They chronicle to me how there is no way out,
I can assume that’s scary.
Grasp with your hands and gather me up now,
I need you so bad.
But I don't wish for you to come here
in this place where it is so sad.

I gave you my heart for a raison d'être
I didn't stop breathing for naught.
If one of us partake of death I chose it to be me,
because of what you brought.
You gave me a chance to be what I was,
even if people label me as a demon.
You loved me for whoever I was no matter what,
but then I heard you screaming.

When you were approaching the end, I had only one chance;
you couldn't go on.
Giving up my heart to you is the thing I cherish most,
because then I saw it dawn.
I didn't care anymore about what happened to me,
I wanted you to be alive.
I didn't care anymore what the world thought of me,
because the world in which I strive,

Was the world that made me feel like I was real.
You are my world.
And even though we are worlds apart,
into abyss I was whirled,
You know that as long as my soul goes on,
I live for you.
You know as long as you hold my heart,
I die for you.

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