Nobody ever Tells You

April 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Nobody ever tells you,
that the right person's looking for you.
Whether they are light or dark remains unsaid.
And when they finally see you,
their hearts are going all a flutter
not knowing if you'll live with them until they're dead.

Inside the devil's garden,
the darkness creeps and grows.
over the light that stood out to you there.
She still is looking for him
no matter where his heart may lay
she wishes for him back every day.

But nobody ever tells you that light among the shadows
Nobody ever tells you that the light where darkness grows
Is the only light that pure.
Is the only light for her.

Sinking inside the shadows,
death is wrapping all its fingers
trying to escape with it a prize
He's trapped down in the darkness
but his light still goes on glowing
fending off and fighting with his eyes

Nobody ever said that the darkness had to be dead
Nobody ever cried that the light was the one that died
Cause they both still live today
And their love will never sway.

Yeah, Nobody ever tells you that the light in her eyes
Nobody ever said it would destory your disguise.
And Nobody ever wants for there to be any pain
Nobody ever wants it for there lover to say
If the light inside you has gone out for now
Come back sometime if it works out somehow

Nothing wrong, with dark consuming the light.
cause with outthe stars, there is no use for night.
And everyone says
that something is
When they know nothing in thier head.

What's wrong with nobody knowing that the shadows increase
when nobody lets other people know their light shines for them.
What's right with nobody showing that their shadows' at peace.
that lets him come back to her when his hearts at the garden's rim.

Take him out of the darkness
make him with your light.
you know you want him to come back to you.
And she lets down her arms
reach up to her now
the darkness drips like wax into abyss.

So nobody will tell them that there love is over.
nobody can say that this love can end
And nobody can tell them that light can't be with darkness
nobody can say that the night can't be with the sun.

Nobody can say the moon can't be with the sun...
Nobody can say this story is coming to its end
Because it's only begun.

The author's comments:
Although I say post this anonymously, I'd rather post it under a pen name! Yeah, I'm kinda serious about writing...and art...and music...ha. Some of my stuff may seem really depressing, but I guess my goal is just to open the hearts of people! Doesn't that make you feel all warm and bubble inside? :) Ha.

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