Taken so young

April 17, 2009
By Ashley392 SILVER, York, Alabama
Ashley392 SILVER, York, Alabama
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As strange as it seems
It is not another nightmare
As horrible as it can be
Life will never be fair
A game plan is too late
Our minds sit and wonder
Not a thought escapes
Making it harder to ponder
Such sweet things are over
Life soon comes to an end
Thirteen four-leafed clovers
A sign of true amends
A beacon of the life
That everyone has to live
Happiness in turn of strife
It's all we have to give
Sitting here, beating heart
It gets so much faster
Knew if from the start
There was an end to all laughter
Head is little but pounding
Now take it all back
Such news is astounding
Character starts to lack
Starts to lack in trust
Gaining in humanity
Grief is such a powerful lust
Suffering from insanity
Rambling words of oddness
Whispers of broken things
A topic of such broadness
An angel given his set of wings
It all happens for a reason
Or at least that's what they say
It might be a matter of treason
Guess we'll find out someday

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