Eat Batteries

April 17, 2009
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Double A
Triple A
Happy is the day
That the acid dissolves
and with it takes-
You can no longer pray

The car-sized one
Powers the death cage
When he goes
His departure
will fuel a silent rage

The Power of a religious recharge
The Good Will and Dignity
of the outlet
The toss of a coin, the roll of a DIE, a chance, a risk, a bet

The bell's final gong
Awake all night long
a slow, but steady kill
The Answer was right there,
So Simple

a faint hope
What a dope
There is but one answer
All that smoking gives is cancer

When daylight breaks I know
My feelings I mustn't show
a cheerful prancer
and Farewell falls with the snow

Double A
Triple A
Morbid is the day
That the Macabre approaches
For but one day
together we broke bread
In total we took six coaches
By March he will be dead

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