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April 17, 2009
By Elexis Miller BRONZE, Silas, Alabama
Elexis Miller BRONZE, Silas, Alabama
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Always a misfit, never could fit in
Went from fat to skinny, and back to fat again
Moved here, moved there, lived all around the world
Never made friends, was a very settled girl
Isolated, confused, had very low self esteem
Did what ever to fit in, sometimes the wrong thing
Acted up, acted out, “Flip Mouth” what they called her, and beat her black and blue
Stressed out her family and they didn’t know what to do
So she wanted to seek stability, and an emotional get away
Boys, sex, clothes, and diets, but no ease came each passing day
Heartbroken and teary eyed, she began to grow up and see
That the root of all jealousy is sometimes mockery
Trying to blend in, to the image “society wanted”
She refocused herself, and followed dreams that were once taunted
Eventually the girl was content, with her image and size
She looked past mere opinions and saw inner beauty through her eyes
She became determined, a fighter, an achiever in the end
The center of negativity from those who could never be a friend
Transforming, rerouting onto the positive road
Healing and overcoming emotional scars that once showed
Tribulations and humiliation are what broke her down
Learning from her mistakes and positive influences that she now has all around
She is the girl still with much insecurity, but continues to stand tall
She is the girl who whimpered in the school bathroom stall
She is the girl who wanted to be as pretty as her other classmate
She is the girl who was mocked for gaining too much weight
Insecurities some gone and achieving a number one goal
I am the girl who suffered from the story I just told

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