April 17, 2009
He smiles, but only for a moment.
Laughter flickers in his eyes.
Then, like a shooting star, it’s gone again.
All she can see now is a pensive teenager
His dark hair tangled
His brown eyes downcast.
But she knows the smile was there.
If only for a second, he smiled at her.
It doesn’t matter that the second was fleeting.
That’s all the time she needs
To fall for him.

Like a spring breeze, he’s gone again.
Out the door, with a chocolate bar clutched in his slender hands.
Her head bends once more over the countertop.
It’s too late.
She’s lost her chance.
She’ll never talk to him again now.
But she’ll always keep the instant
When he smiled.

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evil_naiad said...
Jul. 9, 2009 at 2:25 pm
about a year ago being I think February of 2008, give or take a month. Silly me. Time passes!!
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