My Thoughts On War

April 16, 2009
By passionate16 SILVER, Arbyrd, Missouri
passionate16 SILVER, Arbyrd, Missouri
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war is going on everywhere
and some people still dont care
they dont care about the millions dieing
or the children crying

some people dont care about the people going poor
over the prices they pay for the war
people loose family members
turning lives to faiding embers

wars help no one
but hurts everyone
wars destroy people, homes, & lives
very little survives

we the people cause it
thats what people need to get
we are all the same
we all share the blame

there are millins of men and woman dieng for this so called country
there is no reason for it
so i thought i would reveal
how i feel
about war

The author's comments:
This poem is not ment to offend anyone in the army or anyone with family members in the army. I just dont like war.

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