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April 18, 2009
By SawltToYourSuger BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
SawltToYourSuger BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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it's dark now, as the car rolls from the parking garage.
the street lights flash across your foreign face, and you look out in awe.
have you never seen this city at night?
i wish you could see more of it, tonight, with me.
here is no manhattan, no times square, but you are entranced.
reflections slide across the glass panel and spill over into our hands,
yours folded politely in your lap.
our futures are not over, but will soon ­disentangle themselves,
and separate, and the images painting their dreams on our legs
will soon become only memories, have ­already become simple memories
of one night in this city,
accompanied by smooth street noise and the hum of the accelerator.
did you catch those moments, or let them slip away?
it's dark now, and i'll never know the answer

The author's comments:
This poem is the last of five in a collection called "{while I read the Namesake, I wrote poems in the style of Thomas and Beulah}". All of them are based on my interactions with an exchange student who I might have fallen a tiny bit in love with. He flew back to France and all we now have are memories.

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on Jul. 30 2012 at 4:16 pm
Number_One_Mommy GOLD, Springfield, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
" Your Only Out Of The Game, When You Take Yourself Out!"
-My Daddy

I Live In Portland and This is sooo TRUE! The Imagery That you used and the beautiful picture that you created both entrances me and breaks me. You are amazing...VEry well done:) Beautifuly Written...Gorgeous imagery...Amazing:)

on Apr. 27 2009 at 5:10 am
AMAZING! I love the physicalness of it, and the rich imagery. I'm so impressed. (And it also breaks my heart.)

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