I bid good bye, bowing my head...the only one to cry.

April 16, 2009
By Tiffany Thornhill BRONZE, Lewiston, Idaho
Tiffany Thornhill BRONZE, Lewiston, Idaho
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When I would lay down at night,
over and over I would recite,
"Please God, let him be alright."
Now the day is here.
The day I most fear.
The day I can't help but shed a tear.
I drive up slowly knowing the fault is all mine.
I walk through the gates at half past nine...
I'm not a minute late...I'm right on time.
I look around the lot and see
everyone's in white but me.
I should have listened. I should have known.
You weren't lying. Without me, you were alone.
I look around. I see a smile or two.
I wanna shout, "What is wrong with you?!"
We gather around you, not a word to be said.
I don't get it... don't they know that your dead?
They lower your coffin and I bid good-bye,
bowing my head...the only one to cry.

The author's comments:
I wrote this one because a friend of mine was saying how much most people hated him...Then i got to thinking, what if everyone really DID hate him? Do you know how terrible his funeral would be? So, thats really what its about. I have this one on my quizilla account, aswell...like many others i have on here. Enjoy!

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